Modifications in Physical Education: What you need to know

In our physical education classes, there will be learners of all abilities and needs. That is why we modify our instruction to meet all of their needs. Some of our students will have predetermined accommodations through IEP and 504 plans. Those we legally have to follow. But, some of our students may struggle or excelContinue reading “Modifications in Physical Education: What you need to know”

Integration in the Physical Education Setting

In Physical Education we teach a lot. We are focused on skills and games but also, how to be a good person and team work. We also focus on conflict resolution and trying to help our students become life long movers. However, it can be fun to incorporate what students are learning in other classesContinue reading “Integration in the Physical Education Setting”

Get to know your students: Questions to ask!

As I have written about before, getting to know your students is extremely important. One way to get to know your students is to ask questions. Questioning can lead to conversations and knowing people more! Personally, I like to ask students a bunch of different questions. I like to ask goofy questions, serious questions, whatContinue reading “Get to know your students: Questions to ask!”

Geocaching and hiking: An easy way to get moving outside

I remember when I was a kid my dad would take my sister and I geocaching. We loved it because it is a basically a big game of hide and go seek! Before I keep talking more about this, let’s answer the question “What is geocaching?” Great Question! Geocaching is “a game in which playersContinue reading “Geocaching and hiking: An easy way to get moving outside”

Infectious Disease Mini Unit

Currently, my state is under stay at home orders do to the COVID-19 virus. With this virus, our worlds have been shaken and everyone is feeling lots of emotions. I know students are struggling to understand what is happening and the world around them. There is the news, other media, parents and friends opinions allContinue reading “Infectious Disease Mini Unit”

Building Connections

In the past week and month, connections with others is extremely important. Currently as I am writing this post we are on about like day thirty something of stay at home orders due to COVID-19. During this time, I have learned to connect with people in different ways. I can not go out and getContinue reading “Building Connections”

Save the Bees – at home activity chart

Currently in the state of the world, families are staying safe at home. While this is awesome to help the public health of our countries, our families are needing creative ways to stay healthy and entertained. I have already made 4 stay at home physical education games that families can play. These come with detailedContinue reading “Save the Bees – at home activity chart”

Why I started this blog

All my life I have loved watching youtube videos (or as long as I have been able to watch youtube). I have loved watching teachers set up their classrooms, people move into apartments and even, I like to watch people shop for groceries. That may sound weird but, getting to watch what other people likeContinue reading “Why I started this blog”

Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit

My passion for health education started in high school. My senior year I had the opportunity to quickly make a lesson related to nutrition. I was so excited but only had a short time to make my lesson. Personally, I think students learn best through ‘doing’. I think it is more valuable and really helpsContinue reading “Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit”

May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar

Currently, most children are safe at home with their families doing virtual school! To help challenge our students, I created a Fitness challenge calendar for the month of May! This can be digitally sent to students and they can complete it throughout the whole month! You can attach a prize to whoever completes it allContinue reading “May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar”