Benefits of Exercise Bookmark

Getting parents involved when teaching is always a huge hit. Parents want to be involved in their child’s learning but, sometimes that can be hard in physical education. We always want to keep the parents up to date with what is happening inside of our gymnasiums. During a lesson on the benefits of exercise I was doing with elementary age students I decided to make a take home bookmark for the students. This way the parents can discuss the benefits of exercise and the back had fun challenges to help parents find fun new ways to keep their children moving.

I believe the hardest part for parents is that everyone is busy these days. Parents are working, managing extracurriculars and, trying to manage their child’s school work. Giving parents ideas for other activities to do with their child can help because many of them are not teachers. Also, with all the hustle and bustle of the day, it is nice for parents because it makes it easy.

The front of the bookmark includes the five benefits of exercise that we talked about in the class period.

These were:

  • Building strong muscles, bones and heart
  • helps you focus
  • makes your body happy
  • helps you sleep better
  • helps you remember new things

With giving the students a bookmark which can be labelled a learning support, this could be used to help the students for a cognitive assessment. They could use the bookmark to study for maybe a quiz, for their parents to help emphasize those points with them. You could even have their main teacher use it and is a reminder of those benefits.

Below you will find the PDF of these bookmarks. You can print them on colored card stock or you can even have your students color them themselves. Download it for your students!

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