Why I have chosen this career

Ever since I was the age of 5 I knew I was going to be a teacher. I love working with students and I love teaching. It comes naturally to me. However, I thought I was just going to be an elementary education teacher. I always thought I was going to have my own classroom and all of those sorts of things. Things ended up changing though.

When I was 14 I applied to work at a local day summer camp which I had been going to since it first opened. I love this summer camp and I have wanted to be a leader at this camp since I was 7. It was a dream. I got that job and had an amazing summer. I played games and built so many meaningful connections with campers. The staff became family and I still work there to this day; 6 years later.

Through those years I went to high school and built a close connection with my high school health teacher. He was always joking around and I loved hanging out with him. During my sophomore year through senior year, I was a student aide for him. I made copies, helped him in the classroom and I dived into health education. Junior year of high school I realized I was super passionate about health education. I love how practical it is. Every student in that classroom uses that information every day.

During high school, I also was an Irish dance teacher. I had been an Irish dancer since I was 8 and when I had the opportunity to teach I jumped right on it. I loved getting to teach through movement. I also had loved playing games and teaching campers games in the summer and that’s when my spark of physical education came.

Eventually, toward the end of my senior year, this teacher would let me start creating some lessons and brainstorming with him. Toward the end of the school year, he let me teach just one. During the middle of his nutrition unit and talking about fast food. I had the students write down the nutrients of what they usually would eat at a fast-food restaurant and then they had to find a healthier option and compare there. Little did I know, that they were hitting many of the health education standards. They were decision making, analyzing influences and advocating during this assignment.

When I went to college my freshman year, even after discovering my passion for physical and health education, I still was an elementary education major. My first semester though I was in all general education classes and at the beginning of October, I finally decided to go K-12 Physical and Health education. Part of that choice happened when I was in a meeting and someone who worked in the school of education told me I would be in school for like 7 years. To this day I have zero regrets with switching my major and going into physical education. I love this field and am incredibly passionate about it.

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