The Great Race Game!

We all need games that are high energy, engaging and can work for a multitude of lessons. When I was creating this resource, I was intending it to be for a high school health classroom. I was envisioning students getting into groups of 4 and going head to head in a speed game of review.

Heres how the game works! Students will compete to get to the end of the board before their peers. Heres the trick that changes this game. Students will have a timer or a stop watch and you as the educator get to give them a time limit for how long they have to answer the questions. I recommend for high schools 15-30 seconds. If they do not answer the question in time, they can either stay where they came from or there can be a different thing they have to do. Remember, do not make the consequence a really bad one. Just going to where they came from or something else of your choosing will work. We want to encourage our students while having fun.

Below you will see two files to the game board. That you can have for free along with the card fronts! Otherwise the button below will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers account where you can buy the full game with editable cards for only $4.

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