Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit

My passion for health education started in high school. My senior year I had the opportunity to quickly make a lesson related to nutrition. I was so excited but only had a short time to make my lesson. Personally, I think students learn best through ‘doing’. I think it is more valuable and really helps them learn the information because they are physically working to learn it. Fast food was the topic of this lesson. People gather to eat out all the time. It is a vital part of our culture so teaching them about fast food and restaurants is important.

My friends and I outside Texas Roadhouse when they gave us extra rolls and butter to go!

In this health education class, we focused a lot on fast food since on the street next to this high school there were over 25 different options. Because of that this mini unit was born. At the time it was a lot simpler but, I have improved it to really have the students think and process what they were doing. In this mini unit, the students will learn what nutrients are in fast food. Students will also have to use their knowledge on the health nutrients to be able to compare restaurant options.

This resource is a four day mini unit where students will deep dive into fast food. They will practice the skills of decision making, accessing valid information and communication. Included is rubrics, worksheets and detailed lesson plans.

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