Infectious Disease Mini Unit

Currently, my state is under stay at home orders do to the COVID-19 virus. With this virus, our worlds have been shaken and everyone is feeling lots of emotions. I know students are struggling to understand what is happening and the world around them. There is the news, other media, parents and friends opinions all being thrown at them. It is hard for me but, I also know that students are struggling.

The reason I made this lesson is to help students find and process information and then act upon there thoughts towards it. They will research information on an infectious disease and then take the information they learned and write a letter to their Governor. Now, with this lesson I did not make it so the rubric was graded on there opinion. I want these high schoolers to be able to give factual evidence to back up their opinion. That is what they will do in there letter to the Governor. This mini unit ties a lot of NHES standards into it while also letting students have a time to research and learn information what is going on in the world.

You can use this resource with any infectious disease however, when I was making it I was thinking of the current one which is COVID-19.

To get the resource click the button below:

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