Integration in the Physical Education Setting

In Physical Education we teach a lot. We are focused on skills and games but also, how to be a good person and team work. We also focus on conflict resolution and trying to help our students become life long movers. However, it can be fun to incorporate what students are learning in other classes into our physical education space. This can help reinforce topics but also show that you are cognitively helping students in other ways. I find this can be more smoothly integrated at the elementary level due to students being all in one classroom teachers class. While when they get older they may be on different tracks.

Before you can even start with integrating material in your classroom, you need to know what your students are learning in their homeroom classrooms. You need to reach out to those teachers and ask what they are doing. You should already have a strong connection with classroom teachers and other teachers in your building so you can make sure you all are best meeting the needs of your students. Once you know what they are learning you can add in some of those skills into your physical education classroom. If you are a classroom/subject area teacher you can even add these ideas into your classroom.

Personally, I think as a PE teacher these do not need to integrate other material into your lessons all the time. But, it is great to add to your lessons every once in a while to make things exciting and to switch it up a bit. Here are five different ideas to have some integration into your PE classes.


Naturally in Physical Education, we do a lot of math. From counting to keeping score in a game properly, we do a lot of math regardless if we are purposely trying to integrate it. Here are some other ways to integrate math into your classrooms.

Math Problem Stations – This station works well for older elementary students and above. You can place stations around the rooms. Each station says the skill or activity they will be doing BUT, to figure out how many reps they will be doing is having to solve a math

Reading / Spelling

Sight Word Sports – With any sport you can play sight word sports. All you need to do is print out many copies of sight words around the gym. I would suggest having around 4 of each word around the room so the students are not all in one space. You can take skills like soccer and basketball dribbling, Hockey, locomotor skills and any sport for this. Call out the word and students will need to do the skill while finding the word. You can assign how many students can be allowed at each word.

Spelling Word Basketball – Take a classic spin on the game of HORSE with spelling words. This can be a Friday fun game or part of the basketball unit. Students will be in small groups and work through spelling words by making baskets from different points around the hoop. Classroom Teachers can also do this with either inside with a trash can. The students when they spell the word right can make a basket or they can do it outside like stated above for PE.

Picture Book Movements – Physical Educators can read picture books in class?! YES! You can take a picture book and integrate movements to it! You can have the students act out what someone is doing in the book. You can also teach really basic skills for our younger students like around, through and other words through picture books. Take a peek at some picture books around you and think of ways to make them incorporate movement.


Animal Walks – This can be used as a warmup but have students imagine what movements different animals make! You can incorporate sounds and even have students share fun animal facts that they know!

I hope these ideas help you think of some more creative ways to integrate other classes into your PE class. What are ways you do integration in your gym? Leave a comment below!

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