Running: A lifelong skill to teach!

Currently, it is spring time which means its track and field season. Incorporating what sports are going on during the seasons is a great way to help plan your school year but also help keep your students excited! We also want to make sure we are teaching skills that our students can use in during their entire life.

This lesson and video was intended to be informative for educators and students alike. When planning this video I was thinking directly for middle schoolers (grades 6-8). However these concepts and principles will be able to be used in all grade levels.

Standards for this can relate directly to running, track and field, individual pursuits and cardiovascular endurance. Since running can be used throughout a students entire life, we want to make sure we touch on this skill well. We can teach them through this locomotor movement how it makes our heart stronger so it can pump blood all the way around our bodies. We can teach them why having a strong heart is important and even the benefits of exercise throughout our entire lives. (P.S. Check out my benefits of exercise bookmark here)


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes! Thats a song we sing in early elementary school and most people know the song! When writing this lesson and thinking through how to help my students remember running form. I thought that this catchy song would be a good way to remember.


When anyone runs we want to make sure our head is up and we are looking forward. This means we need to raise our chins. A lot of the time I see people running with their heads down a little bit. That will end up rounding your spine which can cause injuries.


The next part of the cue is shoulders. Our shoulders should be pulled back to elongate the spine. We want our spine to be neutral. The other part with this is our arms! Our arms should be at a 90 degree angle. When we swing our arms in opposition with our


Our knees should have a slight bend in them. We do not want to be running straight legged or with a lot of bend. Just a slight bend will help us produce enough power and force to keep us going forward in our run.


Our toes in this cue actually refer to our feet. Our feet should land almost underneath our body. We don’t want our feet way out in front of us because that increases our likelihood for injury.

Below you can download the poster that can be hung up in your classes for teaching how to run.

I hope this helps you think of creative ways to teach your students how to run! Let me know how your students do or other ways you teach running!

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