3 end of the year VIRTUAL PE activities

It’s almost the end of the school year. The wonderful time of year where we celebrate what our students have learned and all of their accomplishments. Since right now everything is virtual, it is harder to be able to do that. I have compiled three different ideas that could be used right now virtually with your students to have a little bit of unique fun at the end of the year!

Flat Teacher Activities

This idea isn’t originally mine; HOWEVER… I have a way to change this to be more physical education friendly. Going around instagram is this Flat (insert your name here) activities. With this you print out a picture of yourself or your bitmoji. You print this out and your students can take pictures of them doing certain activities you assign. This can be an awesome way to get your students moving in the elementary level.

For this activity, you will need to first send a picture of yourself to your students! You can print this out for them! I like to use bitmojis because they are cute and you can even customize them to the sport you are doing (if applicable). Then, you will need to think of activities your students can do and send you videos and pictures of. I personally think locomotor activities or basic activities. For example, they can work on overhand throwing, sliding, running, joggings and more. The students can take videos or pictures and email them to you or use your schools platform for that!

Make your own game!

This activity is super fun and can be done with your students whole families. For this you have to tell your students to think of creative new game to play that is active. It can be a spin off of a traditional team game or it can be a new creative way! They can either type or write up this new game or they can take a video on how to play it! This activity can be used at any level and can be progressed throughout the students years. High Schoolers could have different rules they need to add while elementary students it can be super basic. This would also be fun to get new ideas to do in your gymnasium!

End of the year challenges!

Students love challenges and it can push them to perform better! You can do this per grade level on a skill that was a main focus this year or can be any fun fitness challenges! Examples of exercises can be star jumps, burpees, air squats and jogging. You can also do overhand throwing, skipping or any other big skill you were working on. You can do this by sending them one challenge or even like a BINGO card of challenges and when they complete it they can earn a prize or something special!

How are you planning to have some extra special fun with your students at the end of this school year? Let me know in the comments below!

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