A letter to all the now virtual teachers!

Dear fellow teachers,

This is not what we expected when we walked into our schools on the first day of this academic year. You were so excited to see your new students, you had to first day butterflies in your stomach and all the hope and optimism for this school year. You have put so many hours into planning for this school year.

You then got the ball rolling, met your students, and built those connections with them. They were learning your subject area, you were making amazing lessons and doing all those teacher things. You then went on winter break. Taking those couple weeks off, relaxing and spending time with your families.

One thing about teaching that is so special is that those students mean the world to you. You care about those students so much, you always put them first. Part of the reason you got into teaching is because of that. But one day, your classroom got ripped away from you. Your students are now at home for the rest of the academic year and you are sad. You are sad because this is not what you expected, you are sad because are your students getting what they need. You worry will you be able to give them the same level of education while online.

You had to learn how to teach online very quickly. Video classes are now the norm and trying to be engaging is hard. But, you did it! It was never easy and you questioned if it was working but it did.

This is temporary but will change the teaching world forever. You have learned to become more flexible in your teaching. You have learned to show yourself more grace. You have learned to change how you teach and make it work even more than you already have. This has not been easy.

If no one has told you, I am proud of you. The way you still meet the needs of your students and have them learn when you can not see them every day. They miss you and you miss your students but, you have done a good job. You have done everything you can; even if it is not always Instagram worthy. One thing I have loved about this time however is that the teaching community has come together like no other. We have given each other ideas and helped make sense of this new normal.

I am hoping we can be in our classrooms and gymnasiums again in the fall. Where we can see our student’s faces and be able to teach in those brick rooms that you spend a long time decorating. I am with you. I want things to return to some sort of normal. But, until then, you have done enough and I am proud of you.

Thank you for all you are doing! You deserve the world!

With all the care in the world,

Chloe – The PEHE Teacher

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