Virtual Field Trips: A fun way to engage through Distance Learning

Right now with online learning, virtual field trips have become all the rage. Many different museums, aquariums and other places have recorded virtual field trips. These are awesome ways to have lots of engagement with your students. I personally found it was hard to find any that had lots of movement for our students and talked about physical or health education. This is why I made my own virtual field trip!

I personally gave my virtual field trip to a group of first graders. In the field trip, we entered into a mythical forest where we had to save the princess. During the field trip, we discussed the difference between a snack and a treat. I incorporated different animal movements throughout this experience to get the students moving. I want to walk you through how I made mine.


Personally, I did my video chat with my students through zoom. You do however have to follow what program your school would like you to use. To make the powerpoint it self I used! I love Canva. I use it a lot for different images and making power-points look really nice! All you need to do is get a free account and you will be able to do all the things you need to do! They have free clipart, images and amazing fonts to help you set it up! I go more in depth in the youtube video above.

Other considerations for your online field trip would be, what do you want to teach the students? I wanted to make sure they are moving! Since I am a physical and health education teacher that was important to me. Another consideration would be, how many students are on the video call! If you want them all to be able to answer questions, you will have to break up the students per question!

Below is the virtual field trip I used if you would like to use it yourself!

I hope this was helpful with planning your own virtual field trip! Drop any questions you have below and I will help you out!

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