My “Why”: My reason I want to teach

One question you hear ever since you get into college is “why are you going to be ____” and for teachers this is especially true. Teaching is a unique field and a teachers why drives there teaching and who they are. You have to have a why. I firmly believe that because when days are hard and things are tough, a teachers why drives them.

When a future educator enters into their intro to education class; they usually will have to write their philosophy of teaching. At that time, it seems like this big daunting task. It all comes down to is why do you want to teach? What drives your passion? These are big topics but, a teacher knows why we do this career.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. I would play school with my little sister and would always help my classmates with random things during school. Once I got to high school I became my schools main health teachers student aide for an hour or two a day and loved every single second of that.

Why I Teach:

I teach because I want my students to become successful members of society. I want them to thrive in whatever life throws at them.

I personally want to be a teacher because I want to impact the next generation. I want to help these students become successful members of society. Through health and physical education, I can do this. I can build rapport with my students which is crucial. I love when I can go back to my past teachers I had in my K-12 experience and they are so excited to see me. I love when teachers really want to know who I am as a person and thats what I want to do.

I love the thrill of the first day of school and getting to meet my new students. I love getting to know who they are in the classroom/gymnasium and also who they are out of the classroom. The K-12 years are such formative years in students lives and teachers get the unique experience to be someone the students see a lot but is not there parents. We can be different voices for students to hear information, for students to bounce ideas and we are students biggest cheerleaders.

I also believe I can make school fun. Students reach an age where school becomes fun but, I want my classroom to be fun. I want to do unique things like blow bubbles in the hallway or play the kazoo really bad. These things build connections with students. I also think doing unique projects and teaching in a way where they are out of their seats. Trying to change up the traditional school way to make it engaging and unique.

Teaching is such a special career where you make a difference every single day.

Why I teach Physical and Health Education:

I chose teaching physical and health education for many reasons. I personally love how physical and especially health education is always changing. There are new studies coming out and new information to dissect with our students. We can look at trends over time with health and help students make their own opinions. In Physical education, we can help bring down the obesity trends. We can teach the students to be lifelong movers and appreciate how their bodies can move. Now, all subjects in education are important and I give credit to every single teacher for teaching their subject. However, when I was deciding what I wanted to teach there is a passion inside of me for Physical and Health education because of how it affects every students and person every single day so many times. No matter if a student is “behind” in school or acceling, all of those students interact with health and physical education every day.

Overall, I love teaching. I love how everything changes every day. I love how I can build connections with my students. There are so many reasons for me to teach and for so many others. This is why I teach and I hope it inspires you.

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