Stay @ Home Summer PE Activities!

In the United States, we are headed into summer! The weather is getting warmer but yet, most of us are still home because of the pandemic. Some places are starting to open up however I wanted to provide some fun summer Physical Education activities! These will help your kids stay active and even outdoors. Some of these will need equipment or equipment improvements. While, there will be some with no equipment.

Backyard Obstacle Course

Pull out the slip n slides and kiddie pools for this activity! All you need for this is whatever you have at your house! Set up a fun backyard obstacle course. They can do different skills like throwing, running, skipping and any other skill. I think it would be super fun to then slip into a kiddie pool in the end or just even having a slip n slide. It will be a great way to cool down the kids on a hot summer day and get them moving.

4 square or 9 square!

This a classic game but super easy to play. It was my favorite when I was in elementary school. The playground was line with at least 9 different 4 square courts and we had a kickball diamond! It was awesome and a pretty fun game!

All you need for this activity is a ball! You can use a volleyball, a basketball or the best one to use is those big balls you see in the crates at Target and Walmart. You can draw out squares in the driveway or use the lines in your driveway (if applicable).

Find the detailed rules for 4 square here: Click Here

Find the detailed rules for 9 square/ 9 square in the air here: Click Here

At Home – Home Run Derby

Batter up! All you need for this is either a sock and an arm OR a baseball/softball or a bat! Set up a diamond in your backyard or you could even go to the local park where there might be a diamond. See who can hit the sock or the ball the farthest! If you do not have a bat you can use your arm (it wont go super far but would be fun) or find a piece of something around your house you could use (golf club, piece of wood,etc.)

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloons are a kids best friend! You can do so many things with them! You can do the classic game of balloon toss. All you do is start close to each other, every time you catch the balloon you take a step back. See how far you can get away from your partner! You can also do balloon toss into buckets. You can use small, medium and big buckets and see if you can make it in all the buckets. Have a start line and line the buckets behind each other. Start with the big bucket and then work your way to the small bucket! Last but not least, you can do the classic water balloon fight! Just be gentle!

How are you planning to do some active activities with your kids? Offer these to your students and have tons of fun! Let me know any other ideas that you are doing!

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