Refocusing for the next school year

As teachers we are finally starting to hear about plans for next school year. But with all of this and our own feelings and thoughts in this situation, it can be very overwhelming. How do you keep your motivation up when everything is changing? I talked about it in my latest youtube video however, I want to go into more depth on here!

Reminding ourselves of our why!

When times get tough we can get sucked into thinking that nothing is going right and we just need to lower our standards. However, I do not believe that is true. As a teacher, we have a reason why we went into to teaching and what keeps us going year after year. I believe reminding ourselves of this why is important especially this year so we know what our end goal is. My why is that I want to make an impact on students. This means no matter what I do every single day, it is for my students.

I find it is super helpful to do a couple things to remind yourself of your why. I find reflecting and even brainstorming what you want this year to look like. I find some people like choosing a word too to focus themselves. There are so many ways to try to find a why or a goal for the school year but, no matter what it is, it should be attainable. It should be something that you can strive for no matter the circumstance.

No matter what happens this year with online, in person or hybrid learning; your why is what you are striving for. So for me, if I make an impact on my students and I do that then this year was a success.

Ideas for PE this year

There are so many ways that school can happen this year. It could be online, hybrid or all face to face. While looking at many teachers on facebook groups and online, I am seeing some frustration with what schools are doing and I am totally understanding of that. However, lets as educators find new ways to do things this school year.

Remote (Online) learning

You can do so many things with online learning. It may not be as much skill work but you can do so much!

  1. How to videos – these can be different videos explaining skills that the kids could learn at home. Students can post pictures and videos doing that skill. Here is an example from my youtube channel on running form. Click here to view it!
  2. You can do a virtual field trip. This works better for elementary school but you can tie in health education and different movements to get the students moving at home. Check out my blog post about it here. This can be a super fun and engaging way to do this!
  3. You can send home bingo cards for movements that they can do or a monthly challenge. This can have different health and physical activities to do everyday.
  4. You can do zumba classes or yoga during the online classes for 20 minutes. You can also send out links for them to do it at home!
  5. Have students prepare healthy treats at home with mom and dad. You can tie in math and other life skills with this because it is healthy and fun memories for the families.

In person

There are lots of ways that in person learning can happen this school year. You may have to be outside or you maybe have to use no equipment or so many other things. Here are a couple of my ideas to help you think of unique ideas for this.

  1. Have students bring in a pair of balled up socks. This can be used for so many skill lessons.
  2. Go outside if you can! Then you will have more room to run around especially if you will not be able to be in your gym.
  3. Implement health education! If you are doing PE in a classroom, you can add health education so that you are not destroying the teachers classroom. Plus, health education is super important.
  4. Do lifetime activities. You can do sledding, snow shoeing, hiking, geocaching, and so much more. Maybe you do more backyard games that can be fun to do and changing up what is normally done.
  5. Be creative. There is so much you can do. Use pool noodles, use equipment that is easy to clean.

There is so much that you can do this school year. Yes, it will be difficult but you can do it. It will be such a fun year. Tell me your ideas and what you are doing this school year down below!

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