Padlet: The easiest website for Virtual Learning!

It is the middle of July and wow this summer has gone back. As we are preparing to go back to school soon, our schools and districts are making their calls for this school year and how they are going back to school. While this is a daunting task, I want to provide you a website which can help families with online learning. This website is called Padlet. I have been using this at my summer job and the families love it. It connects with Google Classroom and all of your information for online learning is one link. You could even add the links to your virtual video calls for classes!

Here are a couple reasons why I LOVE padlet. It is super easy to use for the teacher and for the families. It makes a lot of sense when you use it! The interface is very nice. Padlet is also super cheap! It is free for up to 3 padlet boards, otherwise it is only $8 a month for unlimited! That is about two coffees out so I believe it is super cost effective.

To set up your Padlet, all you need to do is make an account and start creating. I go into full depth in the video on how to set it up but, I believe it is super easy. You can add links and the company helps you understand everything! In a quick way to explain how to set it up, pick a template and then just add all the information!

Below is a sample padlet I made for you all to see what one looks like. I think Padlet would be great to use even if you are face to face this school year because everything can be there and students are trained to go there for their information. Then, if you have to go online the students and you are set to do that! That can help take some of the stress out of online learning. Again, the nice thing with Padlet is everything is in one central location. This way students and parents are just looking in one place.

Made with Padlet

As you can see above, it is super user friendly and super easy to navigate. I would love to see your Padlets you make and how awesome they turn out! Let me know your thoughts below on Padlet and what your school is doing for school this year! Remember no matter what happens you are still a good teacher!

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