A letter to my teacher self in 10 years..

Dear teacher self in 10 years,

Hey Self! I hope you are doing well. You should be in around year 9 or 10 of teaching. I hope you still have a burning passion of teaching these students. To do new things and make sure you are teaching them what they need. I wanted to sit down and write this letter to you because well, it is just a nice way to remind yourself of the passion you have now.

Gosh, I hope you are still so excited to work with these students and that these students are the main reason you are here. I hope you are still being innovative and are working to have information that is relavent for these students. I hope you are bringing fun into the classroom and not worrying about what others think. I hope that you are taking the time to learn more about new and innovative ways through professional development and much more.

The biggest hope I have is that you are not stuck in your ways. That you keep finding new fun ways to do projects and learn skills. This will make it not only fun for the students and fun for you. I hope you are excited still to dress up and be a bit goofy with your students. I hope you are never too old to just play.

I hope you have students coming back just to say hi because they have a good relationship with them. I hope that when they see you and enter in whatever space you are in they know you are a safe place and that they still think that.

You are doing amazing things and will continue to do amazing things. I believe in you!



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