Overhand Throwing: How to teach this skill at home!

As we are starting off this school year and we are mostly virtual or hybrid or whatever your school is doing. We can all agree teaching physical education is hard. Students are wearing masks, some can’t use equipment, some aren’t allowed to run and they have to be social distancing; oh and we have requirements we want to meet. This is a crazy year. I feel for all of you teachers out there. This is why I am creating a skill series. These are videos you can send home with your students or ideas for you teachers to be able to have them still learn skills. This is intended for elementary students however, I believe you could adapt this to older students if need be.

What you need:

  1. A ball or a pair of balled up socks – This should be squishy so if you are doing it inside you do not break anything.
  2. Open Space
  3. Tape
  4. Target – This can be a coloring page, something the student draws or see below for a funny target idea.

This is an example of a funny target you could make for your students. This is just a picture of my Bitmoji in the middle. Now, you know your students best and if this will teach them to aim at people then do not do this idea. But, if you think your students can handle it then, it could be super funny.


Hips to the side – Students hip will be facing to the side. Not toward the target!

Wave to your target – Students non dominant hand points at their target while their hips are facing the side.

Make an L – when the students non dominant hand is pointing toward the target and the dominant hand is holding the ball near their ear. Their arms will make a L shape.

On the phone – when the student holds the ball with their dominant hand it will be like they are calling someone on the phone. The object being thrown will not be right on their ear but just a little bit away.

Check pocket for change – To make sure the students twist there bodies we check our pockets for change. That dominant arm needs to come to the opposite hip. You can also really emphasize the twist with your students by having them practice that twisting motion. You can even have them yell out twist when they do it.

Key Words:

Dominant Hand – The hand with the most power, strength and that you typically use the most

Force – strength and energy in a movement

I hope this post helps give you ideas on how to work on the overhand throw! Let me know other ways you have done this in your gums or even at home for your students!

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