I teach Physical Education, not Gym class.

In todays Youtube Video, I talk about how I teach Physical Education and not gym class. This topic for me is important because I want to be respected as a physical education teacher. I know sometimes being a physical educator we get looked down on. People will go “Oh you just play games all day”. While yes, it may look like that, we teach so much more in the games.

The reason I talk about this and this is something that is so important to me is that I want our profession respected. We are the only teachers who have a whole standard based on movement. Which makes sense but movement is so important for our students.

What Physical Education Teachers teach:

We as physical education teachers teach to three major areas; Psychomotor, affective and cognitively. Psychomotor is how a student moves, cognitive is what they know and are learning and, affective is teaching sportsmanship and how the students feel. These are important but ultimately we are teaching students about their bodies, how to take care of them and how to be lifelong movers. I want to find activities that the students will love throughout their lives.

While yes, it may look like all we do is play and have fun all day, you are right! However we are teaching so much and impacting how these students live the rest of their lives.

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