Change how you talk about food: Limiting the word Healthy

Now I know what you are thinking, why are we getting rid of the word healthy?! Now I do not want to fully get rid of it but, I want to use a more positive word when we talk about food with ourselves and our students.

I prefer to use the word nutrient dense because I want to raise my students to have a healthy relationship with food. Labelling foods “good” or “bad” can be really detrimental to how we look at food. If you label cookies as bad, then you will feel really terrible about yourself when you eat a cookie. From what we know eating a cookie is ok and honestly good for you if eaten in moderation. When we label foods healthy or unhealthy, we can in our brains go “oh those healthy foods are good while the unhealthy are bad.” I know we have all been there. I have and its a hard cycle to break.

The reason a food is healthy is because it is nutrient dense. This means that the amount of vitamins and minerals in a food compared to the weight of the food is high. This is why I like to label a food as nutrient dense and not as nutritious. When saying this paired with explaining that those not as nutritious foods are not bad for us but we should limit them because we want to fill our bodies with nutritious food to make our bodies healthy. The definition of healthy for our bodies is being free of illness and injury. Filling our bodies with nutrient dense foods helps us keep our bodies healthy.

Vitamins and minerals are super important for our bodies. Vitamins and Minerals help our bodies function normally. Emphasizing the importance of making sure a student or your child is eating these is important. Yes, kids typically like to not eat the healthiest of foods. But, introducing new foods and having fruits and veggies washed and ready to go will help them enjoy them (as long as being easy for you too!)

I am not saying to not use the word healthy! I do use it quite a bit. However, I think making sure we shift our students mindset with food to think about what nutrients will this give my body and what does my body need right now!


Popsicle Mold Link: Click Here! These are amazons choice and look super awesome if you want to make your smoothies into smoothie popsicles! I feel like it would be a dream to have a popsicle for breakfast!

Heres a link to 25 different smoothie recipes if you need some inspiration:

Tell me below how you describe healthy and teach it to your students OR how you retrain their thoughts to being more nutrient dense. Make sure you subscribe to the email list at the bottom to get all my posts right in your inbox.

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