About Me!

Chloe Allen

Physical and Health Education Teacher

Hey Everyone! My name is Chloe Allen and I am junior in college studying K-12 Physical and Health Education. Even though I am in school, I am learning and making lots of resources and materials that will be extremely helpful once I am in the classroom in the next year.

I personally believe physical and health education to be extremely important for every single student! Physical and Health education concepts last a lifetime and can change how a student responds to situations that will come up in their lives. I know my life was changed by physical and health education which is where I get my passion for it.

We as educators get a unique opportunity to step into our students lives and get to make an impact. My materials and resources are there to help you make a huge impact in your students lives and to help spark new ideas into your own classroom.

The reason I made this blog is to share my ideas, connect with other educators and to shine light on the importance of Physical and Health Education in the world.

My favorites:
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Cake Batter Fudge Ice Cream
  • Dogs!
  • The colors blue and yellow!
  • Basketball!
  • The Office TV Show
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