Why I started this blog

All my life I have loved watching youtube videos (or as long as I have been able to watch youtube). I have loved watching teachers set up their classrooms, people move into apartments and even, I like to watch people shop for groceries. That may sound weird but, getting to watch what other people likeContinue reading “Why I started this blog”

Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit

My passion for health education started in high school. My senior year I had the opportunity to quickly make a lesson related to nutrition. I was so excited but only had a short time to make my lesson. Personally, I think students learn best through ‘doing’. I think it is more valuable and really helpsContinue reading “Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit”

May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar

Currently, most children are safe at home with their families doing virtual school! To help challenge our students, I created a Fitness challenge calendar for the month of May! This can be digitally sent to students and they can complete it throughout the whole month! You can attach a prize to whoever completes it allContinue reading “May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar”

The importance of Health Education

Normally when people think of health education they think of the sex talk or just it being an uncomfortable class they are required to take. While yes, we do talk about some maybe uncNormally when people think of health education they think of the sex talk or just it being an uncomfortable class they areContinue reading “The importance of Health Education”

Stay at Home PE activities

Currently, in the world most children are home due to the current state of the world. In these times, children might become reckless and will need lots of physical activity. It is also a great time as a family to bond and build lasting memories even through these hard times. Children love to play andContinue reading “Stay at Home PE activities”

Benefits of Exercise Bookmark

Getting parents involved when teaching is always a huge hit. Parents want to be involved in their child’s learning but, sometimes that can be hard in physical education. We always want to keep the parents up to date with what is happening inside of our gymnasiums. During a lesson on the benefits of exercise IContinue reading “Benefits of Exercise Bookmark”