Change how you talk about food: Limiting the word Healthy

Now I know what you are thinking, why are we getting rid of the word healthy?! Now I do not want to fully get rid of it but, I want to use a more positive word when we talk about food with ourselves and our students. I prefer to use the word nutrient dense becauseContinue reading “Change how you talk about food: Limiting the word Healthy”

I teach Physical Education, not Gym class.

In todays Youtube Video, I talk about how I teach Physical Education and not gym class. This topic for me is important because I want to be respected as a physical education teacher. I know sometimes being a physical educator we get looked down on. People will go “Oh you just play games all day”.Continue reading “I teach Physical Education, not Gym class.”

Social Emotional Learning in the age of COVID-19: Resources and more

We are preparing to go back to school soon and every district is doing something different. While there’s one thing that’s the same through this all is that we miss our students and it’s overwhelming. This whole situation. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that the Australian Wildfires happened at the start of 2020 too. ThisContinue reading “Social Emotional Learning in the age of COVID-19: Resources and more”

A letter to my teacher self in 10 years..

Dear teacher self in 10 years, Hey Self! I hope you are doing well. You should be in around year 9 or 10 of teaching. I hope you still have a burning passion of teaching these students. To do new things and make sure you are teaching them what they need. I wanted to sitContinue reading “A letter to my teacher self in 10 years..”

Padlet: The easiest website for Virtual Learning!

It is the middle of July and wow this summer has gone back. As we are preparing to go back to school soon, our schools and districts are making their calls for this school year and how they are going back to school. While this is a daunting task, I want to provide you aContinue reading “Padlet: The easiest website for Virtual Learning!”

Refocusing for the next school year

As teachers we are finally starting to hear about plans for next school year. But with all of this and our own feelings and thoughts in this situation, it can be very overwhelming. How do you keep your motivation up when everything is changing? I talked about it in my latest youtube video however, IContinue reading “Refocusing for the next school year”

Intentionality: Are you an intentional teacher?

When we go into teaching, most of us have a why. We know why we teach what we do. Maybe it is because we find the subject fascinating, maybe we wanna give back or we have always dreamt of being a teacher! However, once we start working with our students, the drag of everyday andContinue reading “Intentionality: Are you an intentional teacher?”

This is not how it was supposed to be: dealing with change

We have all found ourselves dealing with times when we have all said the phrase “this is not how it was supposed to be”. That significant other should have stayed with us, that thing shouldn’t have happened, I should have been able to go to that event. Life is ever changing and we live inContinue reading “This is not how it was supposed to be: dealing with change”

Being vulnerable: stepping into uncomfortable moments with students

The world around us is always changing and things will happen. Currently, we are over a couple weeks out from when the George Floyd death happened. The world has COVID-19 and we are in the middle of another civil rights movements. As a teacher, a major part of our job is help our students processContinue reading “Being vulnerable: stepping into uncomfortable moments with students”

I do not know where to start…

My heart hurts and I do not even know where to start. My heart hurts that some of my students grow up in a world where people do not accept them and they have fears. They have fears of walking down the street, they have fears of writing checks, running and honestly basic things IContinue reading “I do not know where to start…”