12 days of Winter Break Activity! An easy way to get your students moving over the winter break!

Its almost winter break and I know we are all tired and ready for it to come. A quick 12 days of relaxing and spending time with family. If you are looking for something to keep your students moving over that break this is the resource for you. Now, this can be completely optional forContinue reading “12 days of Winter Break Activity! An easy way to get your students moving over the winter break!”

5 ACTIVE brain break ideas: Social Distanced Edition

Brain breaks are super important in the K-12 setting so that our students can focus on each thing they are learning. For my fellow physical education teacher, warm up games and quick activities to use if you have extra time are important for engagement and to keep our students active. These games involve communication andContinue reading “5 ACTIVE brain break ideas: Social Distanced Edition”

Geocaching and hiking: An easy way to get moving outside

I remember when I was a kid my dad would take my sister and I geocaching. We loved it because it is a basically a big game of hide and go seek! Before I keep talking more about this, let’s answer the question “What is geocaching?” Great Question! Geocaching is “a game in which playersContinue reading “Geocaching and hiking: An easy way to get moving outside”

Save the Bees – at home activity chart

Currently in the state of the world, families are staying safe at home. While this is awesome to help the public health of our countries, our families are needing creative ways to stay healthy and entertained. I have already made 4 stay at home physical education games that families can play. These come with detailedContinue reading “Save the Bees – at home activity chart”

May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar

Currently, most children are safe at home with their families doing virtual school! To help challenge our students, I created a Fitness challenge calendar for the month of May! This can be digitally sent to students and they can complete it throughout the whole month! You can attach a prize to whoever completes it allContinue reading “May ’20 Fitness Challenge Calendar”

Stay at Home PE activities

Currently, in the world most children are home due to the current state of the world. In these times, children might become reckless and will need lots of physical activity. It is also a great time as a family to bond and build lasting memories even through these hard times. Children love to play andContinue reading “Stay at Home PE activities”