Intentionality: Are you an intentional teacher?

When we go into teaching, most of us have a why. We know why we teach what we do. Maybe it is because we find the subject fascinating, maybe we wanna give back or we have always dreamt of being a teacher! However, once we start working with our students, the drag of everyday andContinue reading “Intentionality: Are you an intentional teacher?”

Being vulnerable: stepping into uncomfortable moments with students

The world around us is always changing and things will happen. Currently, we are over a couple weeks out from when the George Floyd death happened. The world has COVID-19 and we are in the middle of another civil rights movements. As a teacher, a major part of our job is help our students processContinue reading “Being vulnerable: stepping into uncomfortable moments with students”

Transitions: A key part of the classroom

During the hustle and bustle of the day, teachers need ways to get ahold of their students. These ways need to be quick and effective so that they can have as much learning as possible. The way to do this is through effective transitions. Transitions is something evaluators look at because they are essential toContinue reading “Transitions: A key part of the classroom”

Modifications in Physical Education: What you need to know

In our physical education classes, there will be learners of all abilities and needs. That is why we modify our instruction to meet all of their needs. Some of our students will have predetermined accommodations through IEP and 504 plans. Those we legally have to follow. But, some of our students may struggle or excelContinue reading “Modifications in Physical Education: What you need to know”

Integration in the Physical Education Setting

In Physical Education we teach a lot. We are focused on skills and games but also, how to be a good person and team work. We also focus on conflict resolution and trying to help our students become life long movers. However, it can be fun to incorporate what students are learning in other classesContinue reading “Integration in the Physical Education Setting”

Get to know your students: Questions to ask!

As I have written about before, getting to know your students is extremely important. One way to get to know your students is to ask questions. Questioning can lead to conversations and knowing people more! Personally, I like to ask students a bunch of different questions. I like to ask goofy questions, serious questions, whatContinue reading “Get to know your students: Questions to ask!”

Building Connections

In the past week and month, connections with others is extremely important. Currently as I am writing this post we are on about like day thirty something of stay at home orders due to COVID-19. During this time, I have learned to connect with people in different ways. I can not go out and getContinue reading “Building Connections”