I do not know where to start…

My heart hurts and I do not even know where to start. My heart hurts that some of my students grow up in a world where people do not accept them and they have fears. They have fears of walking down the street, they have fears of writing checks, running and honestly basic things IContinue reading “I do not know where to start…”

My “Why”: My reason I want to teach

One question you hear ever since you get into college is “why are you going to be ____” and for teachers this is especially true. Teaching is a unique field and a teachers why drives there teaching and who they are. You have to have a why. I firmly believe that because when days areContinue reading “My “Why”: My reason I want to teach”

A letter to all the now virtual teachers!

Dear fellow teachers, This is not what we expected when we walked into our schools on the first day of this academic year. You were so excited to see your new students, you had to first day butterflies in your stomach and all the hope and optimism for this school year. You have put soContinue reading “A letter to all the now virtual teachers!”