Change how you talk about food: Limiting the word Healthy

Now I know what you are thinking, why are we getting rid of the word healthy?! Now I do not want to fully get rid of it but, I want to use a more positive word when we talk about food with ourselves and our students. I prefer to use the word nutrient dense becauseContinue reading “Change how you talk about food: Limiting the word Healthy”

Refocusing for the next school year

As teachers we are finally starting to hear about plans for next school year. But with all of this and our own feelings and thoughts in this situation, it can be very overwhelming. How do you keep your motivation up when everything is changing? I talked about it in my latest youtube video however, IContinue reading “Refocusing for the next school year”

My “Why”: My reason I want to teach

One question you hear ever since you get into college is “why are you going to be ____” and for teachers this is especially true. Teaching is a unique field and a teachers why drives there teaching and who they are. You have to have a why. I firmly believe that because when days areContinue reading “My “Why”: My reason I want to teach”

Virtual Field Trips: A fun way to engage through Distance Learning

Right now with online learning, virtual field trips have become all the rage. Many different museums, aquariums and other places have recorded virtual field trips. These are awesome ways to have lots of engagement with your students. I personally found it was hard to find any that had lots of movement for our students andContinue reading “Virtual Field Trips: A fun way to engage through Distance Learning”

June 2020 Healthy Activities Calendar

Its officially summer! Some school districts are already finished with the school year while some are wrapping up this month! Summer is a super fun time for our students because there are summer camps and plenty of activities. This summer may look different because of the pandemic that is currently at play but lots ofContinue reading “June 2020 Healthy Activities Calendar”

The 6 Dimensions of Health: The foundation of Health Education

Health education is critical for our students. This is because health affects every aspect of our students lives. Everything we talk about comes back to what we call the 6 dimensions of health. We are going to discuss what each of these dimensions are and different ways or ideas to teach each to students. NowContinue reading “The 6 Dimensions of Health: The foundation of Health Education”

Infectious Disease Mini Unit

Currently, my state is under stay at home orders do to the COVID-19 virus. With this virus, our worlds have been shaken and everyone is feeling lots of emotions. I know students are struggling to understand what is happening and the world around them. There is the news, other media, parents and friends opinions allContinue reading “Infectious Disease Mini Unit”

Building Connections

In the past week and month, connections with others is extremely important. Currently as I am writing this post we are on about like day thirty something of stay at home orders due to COVID-19. During this time, I have learned to connect with people in different ways. I can not go out and getContinue reading “Building Connections”

Why I started this blog

All my life I have loved watching youtube videos (or as long as I have been able to watch youtube). I have loved watching teachers set up their classrooms, people move into apartments and even, I like to watch people shop for groceries. That may sound weird but, getting to watch what other people likeContinue reading “Why I started this blog”

Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit

My passion for health education started in high school. My senior year I had the opportunity to quickly make a lesson related to nutrition. I was so excited but only had a short time to make my lesson. Personally, I think students learn best through ‘doing’. I think it is more valuable and really helpsContinue reading “Nutrition Fast Food Skills Mini Unit”